Below is a brief report on the progress made with the Common Ground Plans approved at the AGM/OGM in January 2016 and any other new activities since that date.


  • Carried on maintaining existing plots, planters and barrels. Plant Swap planned for 10th June 5pm TBC
  • Bloomin’ Concrete Project, to improve the lower part of Gordon Ave, taking shape, including plans for window boxes and contacting relevant landlords for permission
  • Found 8 new plots and sponsors for cherry trees and 50th tree planted at Posh Pads property in Gordon Ave
  • Table Top Sale planned for May 14th. Please look out any items we could sell


  • Ruth Kibble has taken on Press Officer role
  • Bi-monthly newsletter set up. Two sent since last OGM
  • Increased use of Facebook
  • New notice board at the Alma Road planters due to be installed on 3rd May by Balfour Beatty


  • Big Lunch Street Party booked for 12th June
  • Noise nuisance letter agreed by OARA, Police, Council and SUSU for personal delivery as needed. One delivered so far
  • Met and worked with 2015/16 student officers on letter above and Student Volunteer Litter Pick
  • Attended and reported back on PACT meetings. Circulated police reports
  • Held Blue Door Art Exhibition weekend in April raising £518 for the Mural project
  • Contact made with Alma Road Surgery


  • Held 8 Street Cleans and continued Bin Buddy scheme. Follow-up reports now sent to the Council who arrange a prompt pick up of dumped items using the Community Payback Team
  • Street Blitzes planned but suitable time not yet found
  • Bin numbering project now extended to Alma Rd. Council provided list and numbers
  • Met with John Horton, in charge of Street Cleansing, for Patch Chat and Walkabout. As a result, Street Sparkle took place in Easter holidays with more planned. Also met Gale Williams, in charge of Refuse and Recycling, re continuing bin/rubbish issues. Agreed list of helpful actions, Alma Road bin numbering included
  • 20 people turned out for Student Volunteer Week Litter Pick in February; we missed Clean for the Queen; we are booked to help with SUSU “Shift your Stuff” campaign at the end of term. Responded to “How do you do it?” request for advice from Inner Avenue RA


  • Bevois Mount History Facebook Page and website frequently updated with new finds
  • Community Mural plans well under way and hoping for a June start, weather permitting, after final consultation. Funding raised thorough Pub Quiz, Bazaar, Art Exhibition and pledges/donations


  • Continued monitoring of and response to house sales and planning applications, including vigilance re situation at Kingsley House, now known as Alma Road Hostel. See below.
  • Response sent to the SCC Local Plan Consultation, particularly in response to HMO licensing

Kingsley House Hostel

Kingsley House hostel, which caused years of anti-social behaviour in Alma Road was sold last year to a consortium of new owners from outside the area who are running it as a small hotel. They continue to call it a hostel, as this is the current use allowed by Planning law.

The hostel is now in full operation and although there has been a dramatic decrease in anti-social behaviour emanating from the building, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. These include the number of guests who are allowed to stay in the hostel and the attendant parking issues caused by those guests in and around Alma Road. The Kingsley House Working Group are in discussion with the new owners, the Council and our Councillors to try and resolve these issues.

If anyone wants to know more then please contact Gordon Gillies.