Applying for an OARA Membership Card

Why you should

Everyone wins when you buy an OARA Membership Card:

  • OARA raises money for its projects, decided by the residents themselves.  Our two main ones are “Greening the area” and “Street cleaning”.
  • Local businesses benefit from your custom

How the card scheme works

  • A card costs £5 for a year’s membership, but if you’d like to make a donation that would be great.
  • You don’t have to be a resident in the OARA area to apply for a card, but you do need to support our core aim of making the area a great place to live
  • Present your card at any of the discount businesses and get money off.  Note the discount only applies to you, not everyone in your party.
  • The card cannot usually be used for a discount in conjunction with any other offers.  For example, you can’t use your card when there is a general “two meals for the price of one” offer.

How to get one

  • You can either download the Application Form and write in your details, or you can complete the form online.
  • Return written Application Forms to The Membership Secretary, 104 Alma Road.
  • If downloading the form, you can return the completed form to
  • A card will be raised for you, and one of our Street Reps will call round with it and collect your fee, plus any donation.
  • You don’t have to join our mailing list if you don’t want to, but we really DO need your address and contact details so that we can deliver the card to you.