It is much more pleasant for everyone if the streets and pavements are free of rubbish and bins. Here are some tips to help you know what to do and when. Also check the Bins and Recycling link on this page for more detailed information from the Council, including how to report problems on their

Rubbish Bins (Green Tops)

Rubbish Bins (green tops) are emptied early every Friday (Thursday for Cedar Gardens and Highcliff Avenue)

  • Tip 1 – They will only take away what’s in the bin, so don’t overfull it or leave bags at the side
  • Tip 2 – Collection might be a Saturday after a Bank Holiday – look and see what your neighbours are doing or check the actionline.

Recycling Bins (Blue Tops)

Recycling Bins (blue tops) are emptied every other week. You should only can put in paper, card, recyclable plastics, tins, and cans LOOSE and not in bags.

  • Tip 1 – look to see whether your neighbours have put their bins out
  • Tip 2 – if you flatten boxes etc you’ll get more in!
  • Tip 3 – put items in loose not in plastic bags or it won’t be emptied
  • Tip 4 – do not put in other items as the bin will be deemed contaminated and not emptied

Glass Bottle Boxes

The Council now collects glass bottles on the same day as the Blue Recycling Bin collection.

  • Tip 1 – Put your bottles in the grey bottle box provided by the Council . If you do not have one contact
  • Tip 2 – Remove bottle tops and put them in your green bin.

Garden Rubbish

You can purchase a brown-lidded Garden Waste bin from the Council, who will empty it every other Thursday.

Other Stuff

All Other Stuff has to go to the local Recycling Centre. The nearest one is at Dock Gate 20

  • Tip – find someone with a car and share the load

Wheelie Bin Etiquette

Pavements are narrow round here and are used by people with prams as well as mobility issues (partially sighted, wheelchair users etc), so it is really important to keep the pavements clear of bins.

  • Tip – take your bin in as soon as it has been emptied

Keeping the area looking nice is neighbourly

Each household is responsible for looking after the tidiness of their own house and garden

  • Tip – the council can impose fines of £100 for bins left out on the pavement and rubbish left in front gardens

Thank you for your help in keeping the area clean and tidy.