To protect your car

Park close to the kerb, turn your wing mirrors in and put your aerial down

Leave enough room

Leave enough room for the people you have parked near to get out without bumping you

Emergency vehicles

Make sure there’s access for Emergency vehicles eg: a fire engine, to get past your vehicle.

Keep the sight line clear at junctions (at least 10 metres) so that other drivers can see around your vehicle to pull out safely.

Don’t park

  • across driveways,
  • in disabled bays
  • on the pavements (they are for pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchairs)
  • so that you block cycle access between the brick planters in Avenue Road or Gordon Avenue
  • on double yellow lines
  • where the kerb has been lowered to help wheel chair users

At night

  • Noise carries further at night so please don’t over-rev your engine or slam doors late at night or early in the morning
  • Don’t use your horn between 11:30 pm and 07:00 am (The Highway Code Rule 92)

And you might get a parking ticket if…

  • you’re not displaying a Parking Permit or Visitor’s Parking Permit where there is Residents’ Parking
  • you park your vehicle or trailer on the road where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or road users. (The Highway Code paragraph 217)
  • you park on double yellow lines or on the pavement

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