What is OARA?

Area CoveredOARA is a thriving and active residents’ association which serves the Outer Avenue area of Southampton. It is a lively, characterful and interesting part of the city, with a diverse community, many amenities and good schools, attractive Victorian properties and a fascinating history. There are many long-term residents and families who enjoy living here, as well as being home to students and others who are new to the area. OARA is interested in making the place we share an even better place to live, work and invest in, one we can all be proud of. There are formal meetings three times a year but more importantly regular activities to get to know each other and work together to make the place we share a really pleasant place to live.

What do we aim to achieve?

  • A good community spirit and sense of neighbourhood, with residents knowing and supporting each other
  • Good communication and relationships between those who have a stake in the area
  • A safe neighbourhood
  • An attractive environment with well-kept communal areas, gardens and house fronts
  • Clean, litter-free streets and bins not left on the pavements
  • Everyone taking pride in and responsibility for their own patch

What do we do?

  • “Greening” of the area , with barrels, planters and beds filled with seasonal plants, plant swaps and signature cherry trees planted in front gardens, paid for by residents, some landlords and OARA fundraising, including table top sales
  • The Greening GroupRegular litter picking and street cleaning sessions
  • “Get-to-know-you” social events for all the community, including Big Lunch, Street
  • Welcome and Christmas Parties
  • Run a local history group to find out more about our fascinating area
  • Work with the Council to keep the streets clean and tidy
  • Monitor planning applications to help keep a balanced community
  • Meet with residents, students, landlords and others who have a stake in the area to find “common ground”