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Committee Members

The following people were elected to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting on 21st January 2014:

  • Chair – John Hayward
  • Vice-Chair – position vacant
  • Secretary – T Jacobs
  • Treasurer – Andy Haslehurst
  • Minute and Membership Secretary – T Jacobs
  • Committee Member – Rosy Maguire
  • Committee Member – Phine Dahle
  • Committee Member – Sue Swallow
  • Committee Member – Hilary Jackson
  • Committee Member – Barbro Fitzjohn
  • Committee Member – Barbara Matcham
  • Committee Member – Chris Jackson
  • Committee Member – Gordon Gillies


Phine Dahle has lived and worked in Southampton for thirty seven years, in and around Gordon Avenue for twenty eight! My children went to school here. I was a teacher in the early years and for the past twenty five, a Psychotherapist. I love the many green areas in and around Southampton and a growing sense of community.



T Jacobs has lived and worked in Southampton since 1976 when she arrived as a student.  She has lived in Avenue Road since 2006 and enjoys the sense of community in the neighbourhood.



Andrew Haslehurst moved to Southampton with his family in 1987 and has lived in Gordon Avenue since 1988.  He now works part-time as a project accountant for Solent University.



Gordon Gillies has lived and worked in Southampton for over 20 years, living for 11 of those years in Avenue Road. He is a qualified Programme and Project Manager by profession and is currently working locally as the Purchasing and Logistics Manager for a small company servicing the residential care and cleaning sectors.



Rosy Maguire has lived in Southampton for 35 years and works at Solent University as a photography teacher. She is both a musician and photographer.She lives in Avenue Road and enjoys being part of the community.


Sue has lived in Southampton for over 40 years, not that she expected to be here for so long! She moved from Shirley to Portswood and Gordon Avenue in 1992 and enjoys the mix of people and proximity to the Common. She has worked in many parts of the city and surroundings as a locum Pharmacist but was glad to retire and concentrate on the garden! The OARA has been a great way to meet people.


My name is Hilary Jackson. I came to Southampton in 1987, moving here to be with my now husband and becoming a Saints’ season ticket holder in the process. We have lived in Gordon Avenue since 1990. I am a recently-retired secondary headteacher and have just become a governor at Bevois Town Primary School. I have been impressed with the work that OARA is doing to improve the quality of life in our area and I am looking forward to joining in with that community spirit.


I am Barbro Fitzjohn and I have lived in the area for 30 years. I’m married to Simon and have two grown up daughters.
When I’m not working at The University of Southampton I make baskets from recycled materials and paint rather large paintings. My children went to the local school and I took an active part in the development of the playground at Bevois Town School and I was also a leader in the local Wood Craft group and a cycling proficiency instructor. I would like to support the initiatives of the committee and bring energy and ideas to events that build community spirit.


I’ve lived in the OARA area since 1983 and my husband since 1970. In 1989 the first residents association was set up of which I was a member, at that time we were mainly concerned with planning applications and parking problems. I’m happy to be involved again particularly as the aims of the Association is now on all aspects of the community. My particular concern being the cleaning up of the area and encouraging our changing population to become involved.


My name is Chris Jackson. I and my family have lived in Avenue or Alma Roads for nearly 25 years. I was a Governor at Bevois Town primary school,which our two sons attended. I believe the Residents Association can help to foster a sense of community, so that we are not all strangers. Whilst we hope the council will be responsible for many things, we should have pride in keeping our environment clean and safe.


I am a retired head teacher, and since retirement I have lead a successful campaign to persuade the council to maintain a branch of out of school educational provision. I have also managed to get double yellow lines in our section of Avenue Road. I am a musician playing a number of instruments. I also run a ukulele group and I teach ukulele in a local primary school. Having lived here for 35 years and loved the area, I am keen on helping to make it a better place to live for the whole community.

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