• Carry on maintaining existing plots, planters and barrels and holding plant swaps
  • Recruit new helpers and consider setting fixed days for some sessions
  • Find new plots and sponsors for cherry trees
  • Clear and plant new plot in Clifford Dibben Mews
  • Hold Table Top sales to raise funds for new planting – next one in October
  • Explore installing water butts to help with watering e.g. at 14 Gordon Ave next to cut if landlord is willing


  • Continue  current social events e.g. Big Lunch, Street Welcome and Christmas Parties
  • Develop new events –  e.g  Halloween lanterns at the planter
  • Meet and work with 2015/6 student officers
  • Set up student  cooking sessions and possible cook book
  • Make more contact with wider local community e.g. Polish and other residents
  • Develop links with more landlords, including through bin-buddy and possible garden schemes
  • Produce welcome materials  for new student year, with Communications group
  • Keep in regular contact with local police team re safety etc, including through PACT meetings
  • Set up OARA notice board at the planters


  • Review overall ways we communicate – and enable others to communicate with us
  • Set up and develop use of Facebook page
  • Review and update website
  • Set up and use contacts at the Echo, Portswood Life ( and any others?)
  • Send current Common Ground newsletter to landlords, estate/lettings agents to try and bring them on board
  • Produce new Common Ground newsletter in the Autumn and use to promote Charter
  • Update general OARA leaflet
  • Produce Welcome to Outer Avenue leaflet/pack for new residents- to include OARA leaflet above
  • Produce student leaflet for start of new term


  • Continue regular street cleans (except in August?) and encourage more people, including students, to join in
  • Encourage people to adopt a street or stretch of street near their home
  • Encourage businesses to take care of area near their  shops etc
  • Buy more equipment including hoes, using landlord/Waitrose funding
  • Extend bin numbering project to Alma Road and two other
  • Continue meetings and liaison with Council officers re overall service and continue campaign to get bins put back off pavements and bins removed from houses with no suitable frontage
  • Continue bin buddy scheme, including new leaflet, and extend to more landlords
  • Include good bin habits in student start of term leaflet
  • Support the SUSU “Shift your Stuff” campaign
  • Continue work with others ( Council, SUSU, other RAs) to regulate/reduce lettings boards*
  • Explore ways to restrict removal of front walls to properties and protect character of the area ( with Planning and History groups) * * Amended following the meeting on 06/07/15


  • Organise a cemetery walk in early July
  • Organise an Edwardian picnic in the summer
  • Set up Artists of Bevois Mount art archives visit
  • Produce 2016 Bevois Mount History Calendar
  • Produce postcards of our area through the years


Continue to monitor and respond to house sales and planning applications July 2015

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